Clubbercise 'Bringing a night out to your workout'



​​​​​​​(Instructors:  Lilyana & Caitlin)

*Timetable subject to change based on demand and events

Private bookings are available! ​​​​​​Email for more information  

Where Clubbing Meets Fitness!

We are so excited to bring you the UK SENSATION CLUBBERCISE, a 45 minute instructor led, group exercise class like no other! 

Clubbercise classes are taught in a darkened space with disco & UV lights and amazing LED reusable glow sticks!

A fusion of dance, aerobic, combat and toning moves set to a playlist of Club Anthems from the 90's till now!

It's clean clubbing without the heels and hangovers! So leave your worries at the door and come join us on the dance floor, you won't regret it! 

A fun, full body workout that doesnt feel like exercise, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with high and low impact options. You don't have to step foot in a gym to get this new and exciting experience! (R16)

Clubbercise offers proven results to participants, both for their physical and mental health!

Here's what people are saying about their clubbercise experience worldwide!

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Classes run on a weekly timetable which are booked and paid for online. We currently run an after work pump up in the evening on Wednesdays and will be trialling some pop up classes!

Casual classes are just $12.00! 

Concession passes are $45 which gives you FIVE classes for less than the price of FOUR! 

Glow -Sticks are compulsory for class participation and are a one off cost of $8.00 a pair. These are re-uasable and battery operated.

Class Policy - we require a minimum of 10 clubbers to run each class. Should this number not be met our attendees will be notified by 2pm on the day of an evening class. In which case, all booked clubbers will be moved to the next available date so you can keep glowing.

LILYANA & CAITLIN our groovy instructors can't wait to boogie with you all!